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I am a woman of many titles. "Mama" is the one I cherish most. My life has been one of constant transformation that has been met with the trials, tribulations, twists, and turns that life so often places in our paths. However, it has also been one of many rewarding moments, memories, relationships, and experiences. I created this site with the hopes of telling my story and inspiring others. You can find information on this site about what I do as an educator and media consultant, my literacy campaign Read for No Reason, my blog In the Meantime, and much, much more. Enjoy!


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What Would Ida Do? Honoring My Literary Ancestors - Part 1

I have been thinking quite a lot lately about what Black History Month means to me and what I hope it means for others. I mean, really...there are A LOT of perspectives when it comes to how we approach this month. We have our #365Black sect who know black excellence isn't limited to one month of the year (and the shortest month at that...tuh!): We have our #BlackFutureMonth crew where the youngins are gearing up to celebrate all the greatness that is on the horizon. This crew